5 Tips Quick Clean Kitchen Tools

Here are some quick and easy tips you can do when cleaning the kitchen appliances or your Kitchen Equipment.
1. Clean dirt eggs: If you do not accidentally break the egg so that the kitchen floor or kitchen surfaces become dirty and disgusted, try using the salt. Sprinkle salt to taste on top of the liquid egg and wait a few minutes until dry and then wipe evenly. Do not let the grain of salt left too long, especially on the surface made of metal or metal. If allowed a long, salt can affect the metal layers kitchen equipment.
2. Remove the oven cleaner residue: When your oven is cleaned, usually there is always a residual or cleaning residue on the inside of the oven. This residue can cause smell or odor and smoke cause even when baking or cooking until it completely disappeared. You can outsmart oven by wiping using a cloth soaked in a mixture of vinegar in water (50/50) shortly after the oven cleaning. This step can be swept across the remains of cleanser or residue.
3. Cleaning equipment dishwasher or washing machine: The powder or crystal is actually orange juice contains citric acid which can be used to remove stains quite well. If you want to add a cleaning fluid such as foam or detergent to remove stains, run the machine empty in full load condition by adding orange pollen.
4. Clean the refrigerator: Try to clean the inside of the refrigerator with hot water mixed with soap. Then rinse with vinegar-water solution (50/50) to block the fungus or mold. This step is useful to refresh and eliminate odors in the refrigerator. If you frequently clean the refrigerator on a regular basis, simply wipe with a solution of vinegar and water.
5. Sweeping the dust refrigerator: you can also clean the back of the refrigerator coil circuit using a vacuum. Pull the front of the metal plate (kickplate) if the position of the coil at the bottom of the fridge. Coil is the part that has the potential to be a source of gathering dust, and this means that your refrigerator has to work hard to make the inside stays cool. Do not forget to unplug the cable from the power source before cleaning.
Kitchen Equipment hopefully always manicured and clean of all dirt. A few tips may bermafaat.

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