Tips / How to Clean Ceramics

If your current ceramic floor stains are difficult to clean, you should not despondent. You can do the polished marble / ceramic for a sleek again. Use starfruit wuluh to clean (ceramic floor crystallization, etc.). Carambola wuluh more often used as a complement to food and vegetable seasonings. This fruit has a very sour taste. Carambola this vegetable is high acid levels, so as to remove the stain. Whether on the floor, walls and furniture made of ceramic. You can also polish the terrazzo with this star. This trick is cheap, quick and easy to do, so you do not have to come to the ceramic restoration services for kinclong again.

When cleaning a stain on the floor, in addition to using starfruit wuluh, also equipped with a plastic brush or toothbrush, wipe it dry or wet, dab of soap and plastic gloves.
Use the meat starfruit wuluh to rub into the ceramic surface evenly. Let stand for 10 minutes for acidic work. The goal for the maximum crystallization of ceramic flooring.
Then rub the plastic attitude motion in one direction. Vertical or horizontal. Rub until the stain lifted. Keep going like expert floor restoration services.

Part grout tile clean with a toothbrush. If you need to add soap cleanser for optimal results.
The final step wipe with a damp cloth or dry. Perform these cleaning steps slowly and little at the press until the clean tile floor. Thus we have tried to "polish the marble," or language duluya "polished terrazzo" mini.

Do not use wuluh star fruit that is still too young and too old. Use wuluh ripe star fruit and high acid levels, but not too old. Carambola is too old, already reduced acidic. Meanwhile, the young star fruit acidic not too high. Do not use water when brushing starfruit wuluh in ceramic floor surface, because water will reduce acid levels. Finally we have been able to clean itself without using the services of crystallization. Hopefully useful.

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