Souvenir of the wood treating

Do you have any souvenirs or ornaments made ​​of wood, but do not know how to take care to keep it nice and do not rot or be eaten rayap.Ada some steps to take care of the souvenirs that I give based kayu.Berikut easy tips for taking care of the wood souvenirs:

     * Souvenirs Sand the wood using a special sandpaper for wood, how mengamplasnya searah.Lalu saia amplasan wipe-clean
     * Then apply liquid anti termite wait for it to sink in
     * Wipe clean up traces of the liquid is still visible on the surface of the wood

That was to take care not to touch the wood finishing, if you are already finishing touches to our first lap wood using a clean dry cloth and furniture wax olesin until smooth and rub the wood fiber direction kayu.Souvenir you will be protected from termites and stay shiny .

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