Tips on caring for souvenirs of songket cloth

Songket cloth is a piece of art as well as batik, songket cloth is usually woven in a way how to make it. Woven fabrics of the most famous is the songket from Palembang. Songket woven fabric made ​​from the original silk. To produce a piece of woven fabric requires a long time even if the motives can be complex for months. Kain songket weaving are also prone to damage following tips to keep beberpa souvenirs or other items made ​​of woven fabric.

A. Songket cloth is not recommended to be washed so that the thread is not damaged and what had to be washed enough when washed with fabric softener after washing should not be dried under direct sun-anginin diangin enough.

2. If after use should be dried first before being stored

3. In storage, songket cloth should not be folded so that the thread embroidery is not broke, better storage with a rolled up plastic gutter or pipe previously coated paperboard or paper inserted minyak.Kalau need to keep it smelling vetiver fragrance.

4. Remove the storage of songket cloth once a month if it had not been used for drying

Hopefully these tips useful and can be a solution for the lovers of songket cloth for caring for this heritage.

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