Create a minimalist garden at home

A garden in a house, capable of providing air and elements fresheners. No matter how vast size, if it can be arranged neatly, it would be unsightly and adds aesthetic value of the house.

With increasingly limited open land in the home, does not mean a garden becomes impossible. Parks can be created by combining elements of hard and soft.

Harsh elements represented by the garden furniture and software elements represented by the plant or tree charger. For a minimalist look, can choose a simple form of garden furniture, from the durable material. For example, cement, stone, glass, or plastic.

Furniture made of cement could dikreasikan as needed, such as pots in the front yard. Pot cement can be made according to the type, number of plants and the proportion of land area. Despite the impressive weight, material made from cement proved to be more durable than natural materials, such as bamboo and wood.

In addition to the pot, it can also be creative to create benches, garden tables, and the house lights (hood) garden. However, given the nature of the cement materials are heavy and difficult to move, make sure the correct routed according to taste.

To the pot made of plastic and glass, you should put diteras side and rear, and side yard. The goal is not to hit too fast using the sun and weather changes.

To add an element of cool, can be played back with a glass or plastic elements for ornamental fish tank. The aquarium can be placed in the corner of the terrace, to soften the harsh elements of material other patio furniture.

Material made from cement can dikreasikan ornament in the form of an artificial waterfall with a minimalist concept. Another form is the water vessel, sculpture fountains, and ponds. Do not forget to equip it with the circulation of water in the bottom of the pool plumbing and filter fabric to filter out impurities.

Meanwhile, in choosing the right plants, you should select the type of plant that is easy to maintain. Especially when it includes a person who has a solid routine every day.

Choose plants that can withstand dry conditions, such as aloe vera and adenium. Alternatively barrier plants, similar plants may choose tea or yellow iris. While the use of grass types can wear a mini elephant grass.

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