Creativity of the former newsprint

Well here's a craft that I made this month. process is two days long, the same three preparations. Medium level of difficulty. Difficulties encountered: make a door hinge, because to make holes in paper tape that I try to stick to use the existing fuel the flames, but it was because of the density of solid bgt paper rolls, so it's rather difficult for the holes. That is in my mind, the shape is similar houses very same picture of a house that I often make small time, yes ... Elementary school age is ..

This Project of the second newspaper. The first one, I made saung-saungan Rubiyar is in his book, "Be creative with newsprint". The first is that I am still not satisfied because the results are a bit messy, but for this project playhouse I'm satisfied, pretty neat. Project saung-saungan it can not post the picture here because I've become my cousin brother owned.

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